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Switzerland produces wines of the very highest quality, based on some two-hundred grape varieties, including around forty old local rarities which are almost impossible to find in any other part of the world. With abundant sun shining on the South-facing ‘terroirs’, gentle breezes caressing the hills around the lakes, and an ample supply of pure water from the mountains and glaciers, the conditions are perfect for producing wines featuring subtle but unique differences of colour and aroma.

With vineyards typically characterized by steep slopes, mechanization was difficult to adopt and production necessarily limited. The result: quality.

In the heart of Europe, surrounded by the Alps, there is an extraordinarily diverse land of plenty that Nature itself has preserved: Switzerland. As a country it benefits from an unspoilt environment and a range of ecosystems: snowy mountains, rivers that flow into four different seas, lakes of every kind of size and vast green valleys can all be found in a compact geographical area. Switzerland has worked hard to profit from this diversity.

Grape is fragmented across a multitude of smaller plots, and it is fair to say that behind every little vineyard there is a great family, devoted to tending their vines with love and passion. Their small size has not stopped Swiss winemakers from investing, but they have done so with the objective of quality rather than quantity.

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The collection includes examples from all of the best wine producing areas in Switzerland, each of which is characterized by a particular climate, soil, grape variety, specific method of cultivation, and ultimately, wine colour and aroma, representing the tremendously rich natural variety to be found in this great little Country.

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Red + White

Switzerland is famous around the world not only for its natural beauty, but also for the quality of the products that its land produces, particularly its internationally renowned chocolates and cheeses. There is though, another Swiss nectar, that generations of Swiss have devoted themselves to producing on the country’s hillsides, along the slopes of its lakes and among its green valleys, and whose refinement has remained a very well-kept secret, not least internationally: Swiss wine.

Red+White Collection carefully selects from among the best winemakers in Switzerland to offer a unique range of high quality wines, all with Exclusive Swiss quality. Red+White Collection’s primary aim is to let the rest of the world in on a secret that up till now has been kept within the borders of Switzerland, and permit them to experience wine that is made in the traditional way by expert winemakers who just love to create new wines able to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates.

With Red+White Collection is the beginning of a journey into the secrets of a country that every year attracts millions of tourists fascinated by natural beauty and rewards them with an incredibly warm welcome and a rich variety of natural produce and exclusive wines. All of these wines are filled to the brim with all the passion, experience and dedication of Swiss winemakers. The comprehensive regional coverage of the Red+White Collection offers a large family of premium wines all of which guarantee an authentic Swiss experience.